About Enterprise Search


Enterprise Search is a free Australian business directory launched in March 2006. Enterprise Search Australia has over five hundred thousand business listed and receives over two hundred thousand unique visitors each month.

Our free business directory helps Australian businesses gain exposure to the major search engines at no cost. A business listing on Enterprise Search can be found on all the major search engines used by Australian consumers: Google, Yahoo & Bing.

In December 2007 we launched Enterprise Search Platinum, a premium online marketing tool for Australian business owners. Unlike 90% of online marketing services where you “pay per click” to have your web page viewed, Enterprise Search Platinum ensures your company is found on Google, Yahoo and Bing for a nominal annual payment.

Enterprise Search prides its self on its commitment to our customers and in the same way  we are committed to our environment. In the past few months, we have taken important steps to ensure that we, as a company, act responsibly toward our planet.

Having switched to green power, we now use 100% renewable energy in our office. We also implemented a "Green Office" guidelines to our staff, reinforcing the fact that everyone can make a difference - even with small actions like switching off electronic devices before leaving the office, and recycling and reusing paper.



Companies interested in advertising on Enterprise Search should email the Business Development Manager by clicking here!