Terms of Service and Site Submission Policy

  • Enterprise Search will not accept mirror sites or duplicate submissions. Mirror sites are sites that contain identical content, but have altogether different URLs.
  • We will not accept submissions that redirect to another website address.
  • Website subdomain submissions or websites using recognised free hosting will generally not be accepted
  • Enterprise Search will not accept websites with illegal content. This includes child pornography; libel; material that infringes any intellectual property right; and material that specifically advocates, solicits or abets illegal activity (such as fraud or violence).
  • Only complete websites will be accepted into our directory. We do not accept sites that are "under construction." Wait until a site is complete before submitting it. Sites that are incomplete, contain "Under Construction" notices, or contain broken graphics or links aren't good candidates for the directory.
  • We will not accept pornographic or gambling sites into our directory.
  • Websites containing a majority of affiliate links will not be accepted.
  • International websites are not accepted at this time.